We live in a villa outside the small town of Värnamo in Sweden. That is, Ingrid and Marcus does, I was during 18 years working abroad in different countries, but since January 2004 I have moved back to Sweden again.
One of the biggest family interest has always been cars. During many years all spare time was spent on 4x4:s, the first one back in 1972 and that was a Jeep CJ6 found in a junk yard. It was in very bad condition. Since then there have been 15 more for shorter or longer time. Except for Jeep's there have also been Blazer, Isuzu pick up, Nissan Patrol and Toyota High Lux.

However, that time is past and presently the whole family drive BMW, my wife, myself and our son. We also had a 1978 motor home, which was a real beauty.

However, after having sold the motorhome in August -04, we have reverted to leasure trvel by caravan.

In the albums you can find some photos of my old Jeep´s. Maybe you will find some of them interesting. Most of them are taken during European Jeepers Jamboree in Belgium and France.
These Jamborees were held in the Ardennes, a very beautiful area of Europe.
I have participated during seven years in this event, and I liked every time even though I had twelve hundred kilometers to reach the starting line. It was great, and really good fun. Some pictures are available in the Photo Albums, enjoy them, and please give your comments in the guest book.